Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I went to Sodwana for the weekend, with Colin, Blondie and Neil, for a Freedivers compo.

We had a great weekend, the diving was excellent. I saw such a variety of fish! Queen-fish, a variety of King-fish species, Green Job-fish, Prodigal Son, Couta, Snoek, Barracuda.

Neil Myburg shot a 24kg Yellowfin Tuna! Which is very rare for spear-fishermen in our waters, we were all diving when I heard this scream, (which was a little girly I might add   ;)
I swam over to Neil thinking he was getting attacked by a shark. Next thing I saw this massive flash under water, at first I thought it was a big Couta, but after a closer look I could see it was a Yellowfin.
Neil was ecstatic.
I was a little disappointed to hear that a few spearos didn't believe him. For the record I was there, no chum was used. Perhaps a little lucky, but so what, he shot it and put it on the boat. No easy feat, I saw how that thing trashed around. To shoot a fish like this in our warm waters is always gonna special achievement.

Here are a few pics, unfortunately I dont have pics of Colin and Blondies fish, sorry guys.

We shot a few of those 'yellow striped' king fish, in the 3rd picture, if any ones knows exactly what species that is please let me know.

Also I think we should post-pone our meeting till next wednesday....(Zululand Spearfishing Club)

EDIT: Forgot to mention, Allen Heydorn came second in the competition and Neil Myburg came 5th.
So well-done to them.

24kg Yellowfin Tuna

Couta + Snoek 

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